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Summer in Morocco & Italy <3 !

OMG OMG OMG OMG !! I am so so so sorry, I didn’t write in MONTHS ! I know.. I’m such a horrible person, but here I am again haha. My summer was an amazing time three weeks of Morocco and two weeks of Italy.. My life couldn’t be any better, I seriously had a YOLO summer! But enough about the crap… Let me show you guys some pictures.




Bikini: Urban Outfitters




& My doll


Jetleg as a motherfucker


Beach @ Tanger



Beach @ Tanger


Watermelon time !


Bestie Taylaaaahh @ Tanger



Victoria Secret Angels…. LOL JK !



A lovely day in the park



Bikini: Forever 21



Beach house @ Tetouan



I don’t know man… My skin is a gift from God.



Just after a week in Morocco… Yeaahh Buddyy



I just love watermelons 


With my baby



Dorky Kaya as Tayla calls me



On our way to Morocco



Besties forever ❤


Lol my baby



Kaya & Tayla



Last day in Morocco 😦



Chilling by the pool.





Tomorrow I will show you guys the pictures from Italy, now I really need to unpack my suitcases haha.

Lots Of Love






March Q&A !

Heeyaa loves, time for a new Q&A.. Enjoy babes.


Q:Hey Khalida, I have a question.. I really like this guy but I think he doesn’t like me.. What kind of should I make on him? HELP !

A:Well.. You should make a move like talking, greet him in the hallways of school and that kind of things just talk.. It goes smooth that way haha, BUT DON’T EVER BE TO SLUTTY OR BE HARD TO GET ! BOYS HATE THAT !

Q:Hi Khalida, a little question is it normal to be 16 and never been kissed.

A:Absolutely normal !

Q:Who is you’re favorite cast member of Victorious and why?

A: Cat Valentine, I just love Ariana Grande that girl is amazing and Cat is so funny.

Q:Which tv show do you missed the most?

A:The Hills and Laguna Beach.

Q:How was Drake’s concert on April 8th ?


Q:Which celebrities did met? In you’re life.

A:Let me think..

-Kendall Jenner


-Taylor Swift

-Half a cast of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager

-Katy Perry

-Selena Gomez

-Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson

– Hilary Duff and more haha

Q: Hi Khalida.. You told me once that you hate Taylor Swift but you been to her concert in 2010 in England.. Why do even go to her concert.

A:I didn’t say I hate her, I just don’t like how the way she acts I mean she is 22 I think? And she still sings about all those princesses things and stuff.. LIKE BITCH GROW THE FUCK UP ! And my friend won those tickets, she asked me to come with her.. All tho I like her music.

Q:Did you already fucked Taylor?

A:Yeah, I fucked him so hard that he only could walk on one leg.. That’s why he’s been gone for a while.. LOOOOOOOOLL.

Q:If you ever gonna meet Jusitn Bieber what is the first thing what you gonna say to him?

A:Hey I just met you and this is crazy.. But here’s my number so call me maybe?

Q:Favorite dessinger

A:Karl Lagerfeld

Q:Can you show a picture of you right now?

A: Sure, but I look ugly tho..

Q:You’re so lucky that you met Kendall Jenner and Drake in one week ! Lucky bitch.

A: Hahahaha thank you but it’s just hard work and hoping.. Try it one time.

Q:If I said I want you body now, would you hold it against me?

A:Bitch I don’t even know you… KINGSLEY MOMENTT !!

Q:Jersey Shore or The Real Housewives of New Jersey





This was it, wanna ask me a question go to my formspring or twitter.

Xoxo, Khalida.


Friday: Road Trip With Kristie

Heeyaaa lovers, how are y’all ?

Well yesterday me and my bestie Kristie made a road trip to Antwerp, Belgium and as always it was amazing ! Kristie is THE most best friend I ever had, she supports me in everything. But while we were on our way to Antwerp.. We made a giant blooper and believe me it was fucking awkward.. So we were driving and singing out loud with Turn Up The Music by Chris Brown and dancing all around and we were in a little traffic so when we were goofy and all.. Two hot guys were watching us and believe me.. THEY WERE FREAKING HAWWTT ! They were like laughing at us and I was literally turning red.. OMGG hahaha.. I’m a stupid egghead.. Well that’s how I felt that time haha.. So when we could drive again I was driving like a maniac so I wouldn’t see those guys again and WHAT HAPPENED WHEN I WAS STOPPING FOR GAS ? I SAW THOSE HOT GUYS ! I thought ”Oh my… Oh my lordd.” So one of those hotties was like winking at me and smiled.. WAAUUWW I KNOWW ! So he was walking up to me and asked my name and stuff.. It was pretty smooth then so we were talking and laughing and I was liking the guy but then I found out that that guy was GAY ! And he just wanted to ask me if they’re were good shopping spots in Brussels and I was like ”Are you freaking kidding me -.-” soo.. If you guys saw the ”Call Me Maybe” music video from Carly Rae Jepsen then you would understand how I felt.. If you didn’t I will put the video here below.. I’m still mad tho ! Not fun at all, I will just wait here on the couch until Taylor Lautner, Justin Bieber, Chace Crawford, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Carlos Pena, Drake, Chris Brown, Paul Wesley or Booboo Stewart will come to me and ask me if I would marry them… If not… I’M FOREVER ALONE !  Hahhaha.. Anyways here are the pics from yesterday.


Driving in Kristie’s Ford haha

Thailand & Morocco haha

Charming me ofcourse… Hahaha

Being us..

I don’t know men.. I was in a James Bond mood haha


And for a request from a Girl from Formspring she asked what my natural hair color was and here it is baby

As you can see it’s a little light brown, hazel brown-ish.. I hope you got a answer to you’re question babes.

Xoxo, Khalida.




California Love <3 !

Hello my loves ! How are ya all? Soo as I promised, here are the pictures of my trip in California, USA. I’ve been in Palm Springs, LA & Laguna Beach and it was AMAZINGG OVER THERE LIKE WHOAA ! I hope that I can go back to the states.. But then this time maybe going to Florida, Texas, Michigan, New Jersey or Arizona, something like that. And for all those people who are going to say right now..  ”I’m so jealous of you and I wish I was you” and blah blah blah… STOP SAYING THAT ! YOU WILL GO TO THE STATES ONE TIME AND YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL OKAY? LISTEN TO MY WORDS.. YOU YEAAHH I’M TALKING TO YA ! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND YOU ARE GOING TO MEET KENDALL JENNER OR JUSTIN BIEBER OR RIHANNA OR WHATEVER ! YOU WILL. But here are the pictures pretties.

Bro & Jay @ Palm Springs, summerhouse.

and best buddy.



Me & iPhone are matching yo.

ME… Again.

Because were cool, & Kristie.

& The best Girl on this planet.

Bella & Jacob

Forever loving this pic… I don’t even know why man..

I don’t know man… Just being me.


Yoo yoo…

Brunettes are the best..


Rocking pilot sunglasses.



And that picture was made… The last day in the sun..


LAGUNA BEACH !! I miss you…


This was it ma ladies & gentlemen ! On request by @NorinaGiulia ! Here are you’re pictures babayy.. Love ya !


Take Care.

Xoxo, Khalida.

Its 5 AM and i’m doing a Q&A ! Airport mode honniess.

Heayyaa people on this lovely earth ! Are you ready for a Monthly 3 Days Q&A ?? YEAAAHHHH ! HERE WE GO THEN !


Q:is Kendall a sweet heart?

A:OMG.. She is ! She is so sweet and kind, I love her THE most !

Q:what was ist like Meeting kendall jenner? Is she as beautiful as she is in TV and in pictures?

A:Yeah she is.. She was EVEN PRETTIER then in magazines and tv. She is beautiful Inside out.. She is a real hollywood Celeb and it was amazing i’m a big fan of her and her sisters. Love her.

Q:what kind of laptop do you have?

A:HP BeatsByDr.Dre Edition.

Q: What was u thinking when u saw her???? (Kendall)

A:Uhhmm.. I couldn’t think anymore, I was so starstruck haha but I was like OMG THAT IS KENDALL JENNEEERR OMGGG

Q:Who is your idol? Like who do you look up too?’

A: Uhmm I have a list.. Is that okay? Hahaha

-Kendall Jenner

-Doutzen Kroes

-Justin Bieber

-Demi Lovato

-Britney Spears

-Taylor Lautner

-Eric Saade

-Kim Kardashian

-My brother.

Why? Because they are all pretty amazing people on this earth.

Q:where you from doll?


Q:How old are you?

A:18 love.

Q:Favorite song on this moment.

A:Boyfriend – Justin Bieber

Q:Favorite character from Gossip Girl

A:Blair Waldorf

Q:How long were you there in the US?

A:For a week and i’m gonna miss it so bad.

Q:How was it to meet Kendall and you’re pretty.

Amazing, I adore since I watched KUWTK ! And awwwhhh thank you.. So are you !


Well this was it, i’m gonna sleep for a hour and then MY OWN BED HERE I COME !!! Sleep tight.

Xoxo, Khalida.




I Met The One And Only KENDALL JENNER !

Heeyaa loves.

Soo my tour around California.. Is up tomorrow :(, poor me. I’ve been in Palm Springs for three days ! Those days were pretty amazing. I loved it, it was a hot over there.. Like freaking 26 till 30 degrees ! Then I been in LA for a day.. AND THAT DAY WAS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEEE !! I FREAKING MET.. THE ONE AND ONLY KENDALL JENNER ! I was literally starstruck guys.. I was like shaking and couldn’t breathe anymore. This is how it went. I was walking out of Bellagio Shoes and was walking trough the street ya know… Like a boss haha and then I heard a familiar voice and asked my brother if he recognized it too? He said yes and I turned around and saw KENDALL JENNER ! With some of her friends.. My jaw dropped literally, my sister said that I should go out there and ask for a autograph, so I walked over her I said..

Me: Hi, you’re Kendall Jenner right?

Kendall: *laughs* yeah its me and you are?

Me:Khalida, you’re biggest fan.. I admire you so much and you’re so beautiful ! If its not rude to ask but can I have a autograph?

Kendall: *laughs* ofcourse you can, do you have a pen and paper?

Me: Uuhm.. Oohh.. No, OMG this is so awkward. *Blushing*

Kendall:Awwhh no it isn’t, do you wanna take a picture then?

Me:Uhhmm yeah sure ofcourse ! If you want that.

Kendall: Ofcourse *giggles* , everything for a fan.

Sister comes with my iPhone. Takes the picture.

Kendall: Pretty please, stop shaking its just me.

Me:*laughs* I can’t i’m starstruck, you’re like my role model.

Kendall:Awwhh thank you so much ! You’re beautiful too by the way, thank you so much for you’re support.

Me:You’re so welcome, It was so nice to meet you.

Kendall:Me too and thank you again. Have a nice day, I love you *waves*

Me: Byee *waves back*

ITS CRAZY I KNOW.. TO REMEMBER EVERYTHING ! But it was a amazing moment, it was so starstruck and in shock. I’m still in shock hahaha.

But i’m in Laguna Beach now, so i’m gonna shower, dress up and hit the BEACH !! While I can right now. Speak to y’all tonight !

Xoxo, Khalida.

PS. I wanna thank everyone on Twitter for the sweet compliments and reactions about meeting Kendall ! I love you all xoxoxoxox

A Random Q&A

Heei heei, because i didn’t do a monthly Q&A ! I decided to do a Q&A, ENJOY <33


Q:Soo cool that you’re going back go the states, where are you going to stay?

A: I know right ! I’m staying in Palm Beach, California for 3days and then 4 days traveling around Cali.

Q:You said you already been two times in the States where and when? And where are you staying this time??

A: first time in 2007 I was in New York that time and the second time was in 2011 and I was in Los Angeles for the People’s Choice Awards and now 2012 i’m going to Palm Beach, California for 3 days and 4 days traveling around Cali.

Q: Why going back to the states why aren’t you going to a concert from Eric Saade, you’re the fakest Saadist ever.

A:Uhhmm.. Because going to the states is much fun then going to a concert in Sweden and staying there for only two days? And why I’m I fake.. Only I don’t go to his concert? Let me tell you one thing.. Eric Saade isn’t that important, I mean he his but I can go to Sweden whenever I want. I mean it isn’t that expensive to buy plane ticket to Sweden? Its only 99 euros and the states is a life time. DEAL WITH IT

Q:Why do you get some much hate, only because you’re going the USA? That is so sad and who is that Eric guy anyway? That Swedish Bieber wannabe? PS. You’re so beautiful and I love you’re twitter icon.

A:BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN, Haahhaha and yes only because of that.. They send me hate questions on Tumblr and Formspring.. How sad ha? Hahaha noo he is a Singer from Sweden and a pretty good and no Girl.. Justin is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy better then him. But still Eric is a good guy and he’s a good singer.

Q:Whats you’re Twitter account?

A: @xKhalidaDina

Q: You’re first Twitter friends

A:@TheyCallMeSara_ , @xTruebelieber_ & @TayLautnerEU & @ImagineTaylorz

Q:Why do you like @KimiTomiDoll ? She is a bitch.

A:Why do you breathe?

Q:When is Lindsay’s new story up?

A:Its already up and it called ”Confessions Of A Shopaholic.”

Read it:

Q: Why aren’t you a model yet?

A:Why aren’t you my best friend yet?

Q:Do you have a boyfriend or a flow friend?

A:Naawwww i don’t need guys.



Q: Hey i just met you !

A:And this is crazy. Lalalalala

Q:Justin Bieber or Cody Simpson.. I can’t choose actually.

A:Girl that’s asking me a Red Bull for 2,50 euros or a cheap supermarket brand energy drink for 0,30 cents.

Q:If I was you’re Boyfriend..

A:I’d never let you go.. Hahaha gotta love Justin !

Well this was it for tonight much more questions tomorrow !

Sleepdreams peeps.

Xoxo, Khalida.